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105 5600 Chain
105 5600 Chain Price: $42.95
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�ۢ The Shimano CN-5600 is compatible with all Shimano 10-speed drivetrains. It requires a 10-speed compatible chain tool to install. �ۢ 10 speed compatible �ۢ 116 links �ۢ Shimano Reference Number: CN-5600

105 5701 Chain
105 5701 Chain Price: $54.95
Availability: Available
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The Shimano CN-5701 chain is asymmetrical, meaning that each side of the chain is specifically designed for upshifts or downshifts. This directional design results in smoother shifting both while spinning and under load, and it is compatible with any 10 speed Shimano drivetrain. Keep in mind that, unlike symmetrical chains, this chain can be installed "backwards" so pay special attention to the instructions and make sure to use a 10 speed comatible chain tool.

C9 Record Chain
C9 Record Chain Price: $79.95
Availability: Available
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Exa-Drive designed and optimized for Campagnolo 8/9-speed systems with nickel-coated and chamfered link plates

Chain Keeper
Chain Keeper Price: $69.95
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The Chain Keeper is a guide to keep your chain right where it belongs. Mounted in place of a front derailleur, the Chain Keeper works with single chain ring drivetrains using a narrow chain. The chain block surrounds the chain as it meets the chainring and prevents it from skipping off. Designed with adjustability in mind, the Chain Keeper can accommodate a range of chain-line measurements and chainring sizes.

Chain Tensioners
Chain Tensioners Price: $49.95
Availability: Special Order
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Tensioners for 10mm axle Track, Fixed Gear, BMX, Single Speed applications Steel construction with socket for hex wrench adjustment, wrench included

Chain Watcher
Chain Watcher Price: $12.95
Availability: Special Order
Item #: 1460 -

This is a very satisfying device to have on your bike. ......Never needs any attention. It is always prepared to do its job, without so much as a how-do-you-do. This ChainWatcher is made of nylon and it has a stainless steel worm gear hose clamp inside of it. We have never had a report of one needing to be replaced as long as we have been making them. This device attaches to your seat tube next to your inner chainring and prevents the chain from coming off, on the inside, no matter how out of...

Chainstay Protector
Chainstay Protector Price: $6.95
Availability: Available
Item #: 1469 -

Dimension Chainstay Protector and Frame Dots Sold Each Clear

Chorus Chain
Chorus Chain Price: $99.95
Availability: Available
Item #: 1474 -

Fluidity, smoothness, and noise reduction: the 5.5mm Chorus�� chain fully meets the quality and performance standards of the 11-speed�� groupsets.

D/A 7801 Chain
D/A 7801 Chain Price: $69.95
Availability: Available
Item #: 1664 -

10-speed compatible only; not compatible with 9-speed drivetrains

D/A 7901 Chain
D/A 7901 Chain Price: $84.95
Availability: Available
Item #: 1666 -

New generation 7901 chains (replaces 7900) have improved, directional shifting plates for better road performance and a longer service life Hollow-pin + ported inner/outer plates)

D/A XTR 7701 Chain
D/A XTR 7701 Chain Price: $59.95
Availability: Available
Item #: 1681 -

This 10-speed chain is an industry-first mountain-bike-specific chain, specifically optimized for 10-speed Dyna-Sys drive trains with mud-shedding, task-specific link plates.

Deore XT HG94 MTB Chain
Deore XT HG94 MTB Chain Price: $59.95
Availability: Available
Item #: 1778 -

HG-X 10sp chain Mountain bike specific construction Task optimized link plates Directional chain - Right side is optimized for front shifting and left side is optimized for rear shifting.