2011 Mavic R-sys wheelset
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    As a demanding racer, you require a sturdy, light, low inertia, stiff-but-not-harsh wheel-tyre system. The R-Sys SLR wheel-tyre system has been designed this way - to offer an unbeatable level of lightweight and responsiveness. A no brainer.

    SSC wheel-tyre system: the pros choice
    Optimized wheel-tyre system: GripLink / PowerLink
    Superior endurance: Exalith
    Distinctive full black - SSC graphics 

    Light and resistant spokes: Tracomp carbon technology
    Lighter rims: ISM machining and Exalith 

    Highly responsive
    High energy transfer: Tracomp technology
    Lowered inertia for the same stiffness: ISM
    Lower rolling resistance: Yksion PowerLink 

    Weight: 1370 grams 
    front wheel: 605 grams
    rear wheel ED11: 765 grams
    pair of wheel with tyre (WTS): 1960 grams
    front wheel with tyre (WTS): 900 grams
    rear wheel ED11 with tyre (WTS): 1060 grams