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    White Industries
    New from those folks in Petaluma, CA, comes the White Industries 'Urban' pedal. Never before now has there been such an assortment of finely crafted bike parts made by our fellow Americans. With the advent of NAHMBS and the strength of current bike culture, we have plenty of component choices from premium domestic manufacturers such as Paul Components, Phil Wood, Chris King, White Industries, and more. One item notably absent from all of these masters of craft was a nice, high quality pair of pedals. White Industries has addressed that and now offer the 'Urban' pedal.

    The urban pedals are beautifully CNC'd works of art. Each pedal is fully rebuildable and uses high quality cartridge bearings. There is a very large and smooth platform for comfort but there is no extra material on the outer end of the bottom of the pedal where one would be likely to strike the ground. The pedals are fully compatible with double straps and toe clips but look and work fine without. The ultimate in quality and performance for any fixed gear rider/commuter looking for the best of the best. Available in black or silver. 295 grams/pair