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    The Arkel Handle Bar Bags are some of the nicest bar bags on the market. They are constructed with an aluminum frame and plastic shell to give the bag form and protect what you put in it. There is a padded bottom for more protection too. The bag mounts to the bar with a set of aluminum clamps and the bag has stainless clip-plates that attach to the clamps. There is no plastic to break and the clamps work very well so your bag won't slip down. The liner is removable and machine washable. There is a shoulder strap for easy carrying off the bike and a flap that covers the steel mounting clips, so your clothing does not get snagged. Other features include multiple outer pockets, waterproof map case, clear map pocket/flap, reflective band, blinking light loop. Made in Canada and guaranteed for life. 
    Weight: 1,4 kg / 3 lbs (unit)
    Volume: 10 l. / 615 cu. in. (unit)