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Double Leather Toe Straps
Item #: 1819
Price: $169.95

By: Toshi
These are an extremely high quality toe strap. They use a suede laminate construction and a double strap design for a very stiff interface where every ounce of strength will be transferred to the pedals. If that doesn't do it for you, they also... [more info...]

Deluxe Single Toe Straps
Item #: 1763
Price: $119.95

By: Toshi
The classic strap in Single. ��_These are an extremely high quality toe strap. ��_They use a suede laminate construction proven to keep stretch to a minimum. ��_If that doesn't do it for you, they also come in pretty colors so you can better show... [more info...]

Foot Cage
Item #: 3661
Price: $79.95


Foot Retention System hold fast, FRS, foot, retention, system, straps, pedals, clips, hold-fast
Item #: 5048
Price: $59.95

By: Hold Fast FRS
The Hold Fast FRS (Foot Retention System) is a patent-pending advancement that provides an alternative to traditional toe clips and clipless pedals, and is a major improvement in terms of adjustability, comfort, durability, performance and style.... [more info...]

Gates Pedal Straps
Item #: 2076
Price: $49.95

By: Fyxation
The Gates Pedal Strap is a secure and easy to adjust alternative to toe clips and straps. Made from durable 2? nylon seatbelt webbing and an extra long top strap the Gates Pedal Strap is tough enough for freestyle tricks and comfortable enough for... [more info...]

Standard Lthr Double Toe Straps
Item #: 3936
Price: $39.95

By: All-City
You won't believe how much more secure and comfortable they are over traditional singles until you've tried them yourself. Suddenly toe clips will make perfect sense, and you'll be riding with newfound confidence. The first time I tried them it was... [more info...]

Double Leather Toe Straps
Item #: 1820
Price: $34.95

By: Soma Fabrications
Soma has redesigned their double toe strap again. Now they are back to being made of leather. [more info...]

Crayton Double Toe Clips
Item #: 1603
Price: $29.95

By: All-City
Named for Minneapolis match sprint champ the Robeast Trevor Crayton, these are classic double strap compatible toe clip.��_ We've been offering these since the beginning of All-City and they've remained perennial best sellers and favorites.��_... [more info...]

Oppy X 4 Gate Toe Clips
Item #: 2527
Price: $27.95-$32.95

By: Soma Fabrications
��_A very sturdy steel clip, in mirror chrome and limited edition painted colors. Strong steel gate rivets. Slotted bolt holes make it compatible with most platform pedals. Lovely. One pair. [more info...]

Toe Straps w/Hardware
Item #: 3263
Price: $25.95

By: Power Grips
Power Grips are an easy and inexpensive alternative to clipless pedals and toe cages. ��_Designed to naturally fit snugly around your foot. ��_Power Grips cinch around the laces of your shoes creating a bond between your foot and your pedal.... [more info...]

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Products 1-10 of 18
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