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Granit CityChain X-Plus Lock
Item #: 3695
Price: $199.95

The Granit City Chain X Lock features a 10mm hexagonal chain that is hard as granite, with very high resistance to cutting. The patented ABUS X-Plus cylinder offers high picking protection and ABUS Power Cell technology allows for direct locking of... [more info...]

Street Cuffs Chain Lock
Item #: 3737
Price: $79.95

By: Master Lock
Master Lock Street Cuffs don't just look cool; 3" cuffs allow locking to parking meter and fence posts. Pivoting link prevents a fixed anchor point and makes it difficult for a thief to use leverage to defeat the lock. The hardened, laminated steel... [more info...]

Series 4 Evolution U-Lock
Item #: 2921
Price: $69.95

By: Kryptonite
Kryptonite Series 4 Evolution U-Locks feature a 14mm, hardened MAX-Performance steel shackle with a double deadbolt design. $2,250 anti-theft protection included from Kryptonite. [more info...]

Evolution Mini-5 U-Lock
Item #: 1956
Price: $64.95

By: Kryptonite
Hardened MAX-Performance 13mm steel shackle resists bolt cutters and leverage attacks. Transit Flex Frame Bracket system fits on the adjustable spline and allows for multiple off-set fitments to better align the lock for transportation. Includes 3... [more info...]

2-Pack Wheel Locking Skewers
Item #: 1057
Price: $59.95

By: Pinhead
Now you can ride that nice wheelset and not worry about leaving it locked up outside for a few minutes! The included key is a little more cumbersome to use than a standard 5mm hex wrench or quick release, but much safer! All parts in each Pinhead... [more info...]

Set #04 Locking Skewers
Item #: 2926
Price: $59.95

By: Pitlock
If you have to be parted from your bike and you worry about theft, Pitlock locking skewers are for you. Unlike many other "locking" skewers on the market, Pitlock skewers are actually keyed. The free rotating housing and deep socket means that... [more info...]

U-Mini U-Lock
Item #: 3374
Price: $59.95


Series 2 U-Lock w/Bracket
Item #: 2920
Price: $44.95

By: Kryptonite
Hardened Performance 13mm steel shackle with classic Bent Foot design, reinforced hardened crossbar, and a patented deadbolt locking mechanism offer better theft protection than ever before. Transit Flex Frame Bracket system fits on the adjustable... [more info...]

Catena Chain Lock
Item #: 1445
Price: $39.95

Application:Good protection at low theft riskRecommended for securing low-price bicycles and children bikesOperation:The longer the chain, the easier one can lock the bicycle to a fixed objectVery practical to use because only one end of the chain... [more info...]

BullDog LM U-Lock w/Bracket
Item #: 1380
Price: $34.95

By: OnGuard
Snap Lock Quick Release multiposition mounting bracket, micro-light and 4 extra grip keys. Micro-light key projects a bright white beam. [more info...]

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Products 1-10 of 15
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