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AirZounds Horn
Item #: 1152
Price: $43.95

By: Delta
Super Loud 115 db No batteries or cartridges required Volume control switch Clamp for mounting on 22-26mm handlebar Refills with any bike pum [more info...]

Suzue Painted Bell Autumn
Item #: 4953
Price: $24.95

By: Crane Bell Co
Beautiful Japanese, Hand Painted, Crane lever strike bell. These are new and quite lovely. [more info...]

Crane Suzu Bell in brass
Item #: 3187
Price: $19.95-$28.95

By: Crane Bell Co
Larger than its sister, Karen, the Suzu Bell offers a similar vintage style with a lever striker. Available in alloy, brass and copper. The Suzu rings with a spring activated pendulum-like strike hammer. The clamp fits bar diameters ranging from 22.2mm to 26.0mm. All metal construction with durable plated steel clamp. Available in aluminum alloy, brass or copper. It's made in... [more info...]

Osaka Mini Rin Rin Bells
Item #: 3900
Price: $11.95

By: Osaka Bell Co
Another cool little bell from Japan. Feature a small dome and an easy-to-operate lever striker. These are quality bells in a compact form that sound great! Available in black, red, white, blue and brass. The brass bell has a slightly higher pitch than the painted bells--listen to the demo videos to hear the difference. [more info...]

Crane Karen Bell in brass
Item #: 2214
Price: $10.95-$19.95

By: Crane Bell Co
A very cool vintage-style bell with a small footprint and great sound. It features a spring striker and comes in alloy, brass or copper to fit your taste. A very nice bell from Crane of Japan. The bell rings with a strike hammer mounted to a coil spring. The clamp fits bar diameters ranging from 22.2mm to 26.0mm. All metal construction with durable plated steel clamp. Available in aluminum alloy,... [more info...]

Brass Temple Bell
Item #: 3602
Price: $9.95

By: Velo Orange
A nice fairly inexpensive brass bell from Taiwan. The bell is quite loud, resonates for a long time, and looks good too. The universal handlebar mount will work on just about any bar out there. [more info...]

Clever Lever Bell
Item #: 1525
Price: $9.95

By: Incredibell
This bell has a very pleasant double ding sound. The unique lever can be pivoted to any position so it can be easily reached by the thumb or another finger. Available in black or silver. [more info...]

Products 1-7 of 7
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