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A1 Quill Stem 26.0mm
A1 Quill Stem 26.0mm Price: $69.95
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Updated reissue of the classic 1A-design with conical-style steerer expander system 6066 T6 forged and CNC machined construction and milky silver anodized 26.0mm handlebar standard with 22.2mm quill

Aris Stem 1-1/8"/31.8mm
Aris Stem 1-1/8"/31.8mm Price: $49.95
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Item #: 3666 -

120mm +/-7�

Big One Stem 1"/26.0mm
Big One Stem 1"/26.0mm Price: $59.95
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Item #: 1318 -

120mm 5�

Boa Quill Stem 1-1/8"/25.4mm
Boa Quill Stem 1-1/8"/25.4mm Price: $25.95
Availability: Available
Item #: 1337 -

AL-6061-T6 185-277 grams Quill Insertion Diameter: 22.2 for 1" stems For 1": 12mm range from minimum insertion to max insertion; 73mm from minimum insertion to top of quill

Bormio Stem 1-1/8"/31.8mm
Bormio Stem 1-1/8"/31.8mm Price: $59.95
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Item #: 1345 -

The Torelli Bormio stem is produced using a tri dimensional forging process that superior to other older fabrication systems such as extrusion. Weighing in at 155g for the 12 cm version. The Bormio Stem comes in an incredible 35 degrees of drop, making it perfect for track riders that don't want to spring for a $145.00 Deda Newton Pista. But if you like the Bormio's style but don't want that much drop, Torelli also makes the Bormio in 6 degree and 17 degree options. 110mm +/-12�

Bryant Stem 1-1/8"/26.0mm
Bryant Stem 1-1/8"/26.0mm Price: $29.95
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Item #: 1376 -

Craft Quill Stem 1"
Craft Quill Stem 1" Price: $229.95
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Item #: 1593 -

A beautiful fillet brazed, hand-made quill stem that blurs the lines between Art and CRAFT. Adorned with the Nitto Tokyo badge, this stem will add serious curb appeal to any 1" threaded fork bike. Forget about keepin' up the the Jones, you'll crush them! The Stem is slightly less than parallel to the ground on most bikes at 71 degrees. Clamps onto 25.4mm handlebars. (check out some nitto bars)

CT-80 Stem 1-1/8"/25.4mm
CT-80 Stem 1-1/8"/25.4mm Price: $199.95
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Item #: 1635 -

The Nitto CT-80 threadless stem is made out of cromoly that is fillet brazed and chromed. The fillet brazing gives the stem super smooth beautiful lines. Stiff strong and pretty.

Dynamic Quill Stem 1"/26.0mm
Dynamic Quill Stem 1"/26.0mm Price: $99.95
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Item #: 1869 -

Nitto is a small family owned maunfacterer for Keirin racers. Keirin is a track racing circuit regulated by the Japanese government to the highest quality standards. Only the finest components from the finest manufacturers ever get the coveted NJS stamp approving them for use in Keirin events (Campagnolo's Record Pista group came short. They didn't get approval until the Keirin Pista group came out). Nitto is a Keirin approved component builder of stems, seatposts, and handlebars. Regardless...

EA50 Stem 1-1/8"/31.8mm
EA50 Stem 1-1/8"/31.8mm Price: $34.95
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Item #: 1877 -

Easton delivers quality and sound engineering all the way down to this family of entry-level stems. The EA30stem features the same high-end design, 3D forging and Easton�۪s patented DST�� and TopLock�� technology as stems twice the price.

Elite X2 Stem 1-1/8"/31.8mm
Elite X2 Stem 1-1/8"/31.8mm Price: $99.95
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Item #: 3475 -

The Thomson Elite X2 Stem is an art exhibit of machining expertise with a keyed two bolt front clamp design that is as elegant as it is strong. X2 is for the rider who understands what it takes to stay up front. Energy wasted in flex is the enemy on a road bike. X2 keeps your energy moving forward. The Thomson X2 Road stem allows you to realize the benefits of stiffer forks and stiffer 31.8 bars. X2 offers precise steering, tracking, and more control while riding, all wrapped up in a beautiful...

Elite X4 Stem 1-1/8"/31.8mm
Elite X4 Stem 1-1/8"/31.8mm Price: $99.95
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