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14ga Alloy Nipple
14ga Alloy Nipple Price: $0.30
Availability: Available
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15ga Alloy Nipple
15ga Alloy Nipple Price: $0.54
Availability: Available
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Phil Wood straight gauge spokes in silver
Phil Wood Custom Cut Spokes Price: $0.65-$2.49
Availability: Available
Item #: 3143 -

Phil Wood spokes add flare to any wheel and come in a varity of spec combos, including: 14 & 15ga straight pull; 12, 13, 14 & 15ga straight guage; 13-14ga single butted; and 14-15-14ga double butted. All are available in either silver or anodized black. While all are available, here at The Biz we only carry 14ga straight gauge and 14-15-14ga double butted in-stock. If you want some of the non-stocked specs, we can get 'em in one or two days from Phil Wood, but you'll have to call and...