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M530 SPD Pedals
M530 SPD Pedals Price: $64.95
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�ۢ Integrated cage increases stability and control when not clipped in and protects binding mechanism against impacts �ۢ Better mud and debris shedding than any pedal in its class �ۢ Adjustable entry and release tension settings �ۢ Low maintenance sealed cartridge axle

Mesa Pedals
Mesa Pedals Price: $59.95
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The Mesa pedal is ideal for freeride, BMX, winter, and urban riders that want a hard hitting pedal built to provide a solid platform for any style of riding. Made from impact grade nylon, the Mesa is a wide platform pedal with a super thin profile.

Premium Cleat
Premium Cleat Price: $24.95
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Crank Brothers Premium Mountain Cleats are compatible with all Crank Brothers pedals and feature 2.2mm of left/right adjustment. Patented AllAccess cleats are compatible with all Crank Brothers models Six degrees of Float

ProFit Cleats
ProFit Cleats Price: $29.95
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Campagnolo Pro Fit Cleats, these cleats come standard with the Campagnolo Pro Fit clipless pedals. Engaging hooks sold separately.

Quartz Cleats
Quartz Cleats Price: $32.95
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The steel micro toe-clip that equips the whole range of Quartz pedals ensures an excellent friction coefficient. The angular and lateral liberties proposed protect the knees of mountain bikers. 20 degrees of Float

Ravager Pedals
Ravager Pedals Price: $20.95
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These are some light, durable, and affordable pedals. They work great with Foot Hold Straps and come in all sorts of colors too. Sure, they might not be quite as sticky as fancy metal ones with big pointy teeth, but at 1/5th the cost, these are a screaming deal. Plus at this price you won't feel bad grinding them down by accident, or on purpose.

RX-1 Aero Track Pedals
RX-1 Aero Track Pedals Price: $149.95-$154.95
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The MKS RX-1 is, in our opinion, the nicest platform pedal being made. The are beautifully constructed and feature some of the finest bearings in the industry. If your are serious about platform pedals, the RX1s are the pedal that makes no compromises.

RXS Cafe Cleats
RXS Cafe Cleats Price: $44.95
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Time RXS Clipless Cleats. These are replacement cleats for RXS pedals, and they feature "Cafe" profiling, which means that when you walk into your local coffee shop for a mid-ride refreshment, you don't risk slipping and falling on the tile floor.

Sprint Pedal
Sprint Pedal Price: $79.95
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High value road pedal for weight and budget conscious riders Reliable perfomance offering energy transmission and value. High effeciency with many of the high end features will make the Avenir perform. PRODUCT COMPARE SHARE PRINT KEY BENEFITS Lightweight performance and value Full aluminim alloy body Composite Rear plate Composite friction plate Easy to use/ adjustability Adjustable release tension (80-200 kg/cm) Optimized cleat/ pedal release Option of 0� or 7� angular float DuraCleat cleats...

Sylvan Road Pedals
Sylvan Road Pedals Price: $44.95
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- Upgraded features over the standard Sylvan include a better finish on the body and polished ball bearings with sealed mechanism for durable and smooth operation - Aluminum cage and body - Classic Euro quill-style pedal - Measures 101mm x 61mm

Sylvan Stream Pedals
Sylvan Stream Pedals Price: $39.95
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Sylvan Touring Pedals
Sylvan Touring Pedals Price: $44.95
Availability: Available
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A good quality but basic pedal from MKS. Adjustable and serviceable ball and cone bearings. With its grippy two sided cage these pedals work well with our with our toe clips. Steel body CrMo spindle. 343 g.