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EXA Track Pedals
Item #: 1957
Price: $249.95

The MKS EXA is a combination pedal designed to be used with both clip and strap and a clipless style cleat. This is by far the most secure pedal system we know of. The body of the pedal is derived from the Custom Nuevo, and the cleat uses the 3... [more info...]

Urban Pedals
Item #: 3399
Price: $219.95

By: White Industries
New from those folks in Petaluma, CA, comes the White Industries 'Urban' pedal. Never before now has there been such an assortment of finely crafted bike parts made by our fellow Americans. With the advent of NAHMBS and the strength of current bike... [more info...]

RX-1 Aero Track Pedals
Item #: 2853
Price: $149.95-$154.95

The MKS RX-1 is, in our opinion, the nicest platform pedal being made. The are beautifully constructed and feature some of the finest bearings in the industry. If your are serious about platform pedals, the RX1s are the pedal that makes no... [more info...]

105 5700 SPD Pedals
Item #: 1017
Price: $109.95

By: Shimano
Efficent power transfer. Adjustable entry and release tension settings. Durable and solid interface quick and easy entry bindings. [more info...]

A530 SPD Pedals
Item #: 2563
Price: $99.95

By: Shimano
SPD Road Touring Pedal. [more info...]

Egg Beater 2 Pedals
Item #: 1899
Price: $89.95

By: Crank Bros
Investment cast and stamped steel wings, steel spindle, inboard bushing, outboard cartridge bearing [more info...]

Sprint Pedal
Item #: 3020
Price: $79.95

By: Mavic
High value road pedal for weight and budget conscious riders Reliable perfomance offering energy transmission and value. High effeciency with many of the high end features will make the Avenir perform. PRODUCT COMPARE SHARE PRINT KEY BENEFITS... [more info...]

Touring Lite Pedals
Item #: 3278
Price: $79.95

The MKS Touring Lite pedal is a high quality mid range pedal. It has adjustable and serviceable sealed ball and cone bearings. So you can expect a smooth long life out of these pedals. These are a big step up in quality from the sylvan pedals. They... [more info...]

Urban Platform Pedals
Item #: 3401
Price: $79.95


M530 SPD Pedals
Item #: 2353
Price: $64.95

By: Shimano
�ۢ Integrated cage increases stability and control when not clipped in and protects binding mechanism against impacts �ۢ Better mud and debris shedding than any pedal in its class �ۢ Adjustable entry and release tension settings �ۢ Low maintenance... [more info...]

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Products 1-10 of 31
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