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Moda Chunky Bar Tape
Moda Chunky Bar Tape Price: $17.95
Availability: Available
Item #: 2410 -

Torelli makes Moda Chunky in four different styles: Moda Chunky Original, Gel, Touch and Leatherette. All are high quality padded tapes, that use 3M�� adhesive. This makes the tape stick on your bars while you are using it, but also allows it to come off when you are ready to change it. Chunky is a nice thick tape with a soft, firm feel on the bars. It also absorbs sweat, unlike some cheaper tapes. It has some give and stretch, which makes wrapping around the brake levers easier. It does not...

Mountain Grips
Mountain Grips Price: $19.95
Availability: Available
Item #: 2431 -

Comfy, cheap, available in practically any color...what more could you want?

Mtn Lock-On Replacement Grips
Mtn Lock-On Replacement Grips Price: $21.95
Availability: Available
Item #: 2444 -

The ultimate standard in grip comfort and beauty. Anti-vibration, large pad design eliminates numbness and slipping for any size hand. The extremely soft rubber will give you excellent control and maximum comfort. Handsomely detailed design adds beauty to any bike. Made in the U.S.A.

Ruffian Lock-On Grips
Ruffian Lock-On Grips Price: $19.95
Availability: Special Order
Item #: 2850 -

The Ruffian Lock-On grip combines an ultra narrow knurled surface and Lock-On Grip System technology for the ultimate in control.

Track Grips
Track Grips Price: $15.95
Availability: Available
Item #: 3313 -

6.75" long slip-on grips similar to those found in Japan.

Traditional Track Grips
Traditional Track Grips Price: $14.95
Availability: Special Order
Item #: 3319 -

Classic track grips. Thin diameter, 175mm long, ready to race.White

Tressostar Cotton Bar Tape
Tressostar Cotton Bar Tape Price: $5.95
Availability: Available
Item #: 1589 -

Velox Tressostar 90 cotton bar tape. Adhesive backed cotton handlebar tape. A very traditional looking tape with great grip. Two rolls are required to wrap one bar.

V Track Grips
V Track Grips Price: $39.95
Availability: Back Ordered
Item #: 3407 -

Strong V Track Grips. Quality Japanese made grips. Available in blue and orange. They have a hexagonal design molded in and armadillo logos. 17 1/2cm long 2mm thick.

Volee-Soft Elastomer Bar Tape
Volee-Soft Elastomer Bar Tape Price: $30.95
Availability: Available
Item #: 3443 -

Rubberized, shock absorbing elastomer compound with a tennis-style, leather-like look and feel Cinelli logos throughout tape length Includes logo plugs and finishing strips and enough tape for a full drop bar