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Gold Medal Pro Track Cog
Item #: 2110
Price: $119.95-$139.95


PW Track Cog
Item #: 2199
Price: $119.95

By: Phil Wood & Co
Finally! A track cog which attaches via six bolts using the same standard as a disc rotor. Have a Phil ISO hub? Have a disc hub you want to convert to a fixed hub? Here's the goods. High quality stainless steel machined and polished to the highest... [more info...]

ENO Freewheel
Item #: 1922
Price: $99.95

By: White Industries
Only once in a blue moon does one come across anything, be it person, place, or thing, that so clearly stands out amongst the competition so well as the White Industries freewheel. Precision machined internals with 36 points of engagement coupled... [more info...]

Superbe Pro Steel Track Cog
Item #: 3170
Price: $99.95

By: Suntour
15 teeth3/32" [more info...]

Superstar Track Cog
Item #: 3179
Price: $84.95

By: Euro-Asia Imports
The EAI Superstar cog is the finest track cog on the planet! More thought, R&D, and hand work has gone into one of these cogs than most of the other parts on your bike. [more info...]

Track Cog
Item #: 3310
Price: $79.95

By: Phil Wood & Co
Beautiful polished finish and made of durable hardened stainless steel. Important to use with phil wood hubs in order to not damage threads on hub. Better safe than sorry. [more info...]

Stainless Steel Cog
Item #: 3596
Price: $69.95

By: Chris King
If you�۪re going to run just one gear it might as well be the very best you can get, a Chris King cog. Their stainless steel cogs are bead-blasted following heat-treating. [more info...]

CNC Track Cog
Item #: 1529
Price: $54.95


Defiant Freewheel
Item #: 1761
Price: $45.95

Many of you with older bikes don't want to upgrade to cassettes, but find that a quality freewheel is almost impossible to find. That's because all the big Asian manufacturers are only churning out freewheels for department store bikes. IRD made... [more info...]

D/A Track Cog
Item #: 1678
Price: $44.95

By: Shimano
Painstakingly designed to realize the ultimate balance of light weight and rigidity, Dura-Ace Track components deliver a winning advantage for the banked oval tracks across the world. [more info...]

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Products 1-10 of 26
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