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2012 Fuji Feather Fuji, feather, 2012, fixed, gear, fixie, single, speed, bike, bicycle
2012 Fuji Feather Price: $551.95
Availability: Available
Item #: 1984 -

The Fuji feather Single Speed is a fantastic looking, functional, efficient single speed, with a striking, pared down look, this low maintenance fixed gear bike is ideal for relatively flat commutes. The Fuji feather bike frame is chromoly steel which will soak up the bumps as you sail through traffic to work. If you are looking for a great mid range priced single speed racer then a great choice is the Fuji feather, review our fixie bike section to see other styles of fixed gear bikes. ...

2012 Lager SE, Lager, 2012, fixie, fixed, gear, single, speed, track, bike, bicycle
2012 Lager Price: $399.95
Availability: Limited
Item #: 4296 -

Designed for riders who think of bike riding as a lifestyle, the Lager features high-profile rims, alloy fix/free hubs, high-end alloy cranks, alloy bars, and Freedom Thick Slick Sport tires. This bike is the cream of the crop of the SE urban series.

2013 Brougham Merlot Felt, 2013, brougham, merlot, track, fixed, gear, fixie, bike, bicycle
2013 Brougham Merlot Price: $559.95
Availability: Pick Up
Item #: 4945 -

Equal parts style and substance, the Brougham is Felt�۪s sleek new way to get around town. Featuring a timeless custom-butted 4130 Chromoly frame and fork available in three tasteful color options, sharp aesthetics, and custom head tube decal, the Brougham is all class. Comes equipped with brakes for carefree single-speed commuting and a double-threaded fixed gear rear hub.

2013 Pista Via Brera Bianchi, 2013, pista, via, brera, track, fixed, fixie, gear, bike, bicycle
2013 Pista Via Brera Price: $839.95
Availability: Pick Up
Item #: 5023 -

New model, with its ���mediterranean blue�۝ coloring, goes well with everything. Nice touches abound: Flat handlebar, steel toe clips with leather toe straps.

2013 TK3 Felt, 2013, tk3, track, fixed, gear, fixie, bike, bicycle
2013 TK3 Price: $969.95
Availability: Pick Up
Item #: 3254 -

This track-specific Superlite aluminum frame is butted and shaped to withstand the rigors of track racing. Lightning-quick acceleration and maximum torsional stiffness make it competition-ready. Deep-section TKR-4 wheels and sturdy, lightweight components give you all you need in the race against the clock.

Bare Knuckle Frameset
Bare Knuckle Frameset Price: $499.95
Availability: Special Order
Item #: 1292 -

Please note! The Violet 54cm has head tube blemish. If you would like us to send you a photo send us an email.

French 75 Alloy Track Frameset French, 75, Alloy, Track, Frameset, bike, bicycle
French 75 Alloy Track Frameset Price: $329.95
Availability: Special Order
Item #: 1175 -

It�۪s fast, it�۪s aggressive and has quite a kick like its namesake.  Lightweight butted aluminum frame with no goofy shapes matched to a straight blade carbon fork that's raked for track-like handling, but it will still take brakes.  Don�۪t call this one ���track�۪. It would love some time in the velodrome.

Rush Frame
Rush Frame Price: $374.95
Availability: Special Order
Item #: 2851 -

Soma has created a great affordably priced track bike with the Rush. The Rush has traditional aggressive track geometry, but is drilled for brakes front and rear and comes with water bottle braze ons. It is at home on either the velodrome or on the street. The frame is made of Tange Prestige steel, and you can also add the Matching flat-crown CrMo steel fork (38m rake). The weld quality is above average for a frame in this price range. On either the track or the street you'll be looking good....

Sillgey frame set
Sillgey Phantom Pantone Frameset Price: $549.95
Availability: Limited
Item #: 2574 -

Phantom Pantone green frame with bottom bracket and headset. Built of Chrome-Moly Steel Double Butted SiLLGEY 757 lugged tubing.

Steamroller surly, steamroller, fixed, gear, single, speed, bike, bicycle
Steamroller Price: $809.95
Availability: Pick Up
Item #: 3097 -

We offer the Steamroller as a frameset and also as a complete bike. The frame, like all Surly frames, is made of 4130 CroMoly steel. Steel is springy and durable, providing a ride feel you don�۪t get from aluminum or carbon fiber, at a price titanium can�۪t match. True, our frames are not the lightest out there, but then they�۪re not supposed to be. Instead, they�۪re a balance of excellent ride quality and durability. It was designed as a dedicated fixed-gear, but its geometry is closer to a...

TK4130 felt, tk4130, track, bike , bicycle,
TK4130 Price: $899.95
Availability: Limited
Item #: 3257 -

Who says a modern, high-performance track bike can�۪t have a little style? The TK4130 pays homage to classic track bikes with a gorgeous frame made with, you guessed it, 4130 cromoly tubing. With its faux wooden rims, double crown fork, fluted cranks with a skip-tooth chainring, and classic leather saddle with chrome rivets, the TK4130 is a rare bike that can be raced on the velodrome with style.

EAI Toyo Godzilla Frameset
Toyo Godzilla Frameset Price: $649.95
Availability: Special Order
Item #: 2107 -

After years of producing the excellent Bare Knuckle frame Euro Asia Imports has decided to raise the bar.  They went to Japan and worked with Keirin builder Toyo Frames to come up with a better frame.  The Godzilla frame is made from Kaisei 022 tubing (just like Ishiwata 022), has nicer dropouts, nicer welds, nicer paint, head tube reinforcing rings, and better finishing.  All around it is a better frame. The EAI Toyo Godzilla will help you win on the track, or it...