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2012 AR3 Felt, ar3, 2012, road bike, road, bike
Item #: 1191
Price: $3,999.95

By: Felt
This is as aerodynamic and efficient as a road bike gets. The radically shaped down tube, head tube, chainstays, seatstays and fork���all meticulously constructed from UHC Advanced carbon fiber ���slice through the wind like nothing else available.... [more info...]

Moonlander surly, moonlander, fat, bike, bicycle
Item #: 3696
Price: $2,429.95

By: Surly
You know by now that Moonlander picks up where Pugsley left off. Moonlander accomodates staggeringly wide 4.7� tires on 100mm rims. Such a large footprint allows you to ride them at very low pressure, and like a snowshoe enables even greater... [more info...]

Krampus surly, krampus, fat, bike, bicycle
Item #: 5790
Price: $1,929.95

By: Surly
There�۪s been a lot of buzz lately about fat bikes such as our Pugsley and Moonlander, bikes with massive 4 and 5� tires designed to crawl over and through unusual or difficult terrain. These types of bikes are all about stability, traction, and... [more info...]

2012 Z5 Felt, z5, 2012, road bike, road, bike
Item #: 3552
Price: $1,839.95

By: Felt
With a UHC Performance carbon fiber frame and fork, plus a comfortable mix of performance componentry including a Shimano 105 drivetrain, Felt hubs and Mavic rims, the Z5 is an incredibly versatile all-around performer. Stiff enough to accelerate... [more info...]

2013 Z5 Felt, 2013, z5, road, racing, bike, bicycle,
Item #: 4932
Price: $1,759.95

By: Felt
Tour de France-worthy technology made affordable - the sophisticated Modular Monocoque Construction process used to build the Z5 frame, made with UHC Performance carbon fiber, produces a smooth-handling, lightweight road bike that can sprint, climb... [more info...]

2011 Fuji SL 1.0 Pro LE Fuji, SL, 1.0, LE, Ultegra, 2011, pro, road, racing, shimano, ultegra, bike, bicycle
Item #: 2969
Price: $1,749.95

By: Fuji
A super-light carbon bike which is a proven race winner, the Fuji SL 1.0 2011 Road bike comes complete with FC 770 Bonded Carbon Integrated with alloy Steerer forks and C-4 carbon with Ud carbon, standard BB shell frame. Ideal for a racer or... [more info...]

Pugsley surly, pugsley, fat, mountain, mtn, bike, bicycle
Item #: 5532
Price: $1,679.95

By: Surly
By now you know that Pugsley was created to go where standard ���all terrain�۝ bikes flounder. The floatation and traction afforded by large-volume, low-pressure tires can get you over and through otherwise unrideable terrain��_sand, mud, wet rocks... [more info...]

2012 Gran Fondo 3.0 Fuji, 2012, gran, fondo, 3.0, road, racing, bike, bicycle
Item #: 4075
Price: $1,671.95

By: Fuji
Take a fine carbon racing bike, tailor it to offer a touch more comfort, and you have Fuji's Gran Fondo 3.0. Fuji's lightweight and efficient C4 carbon and the BB86 bottom bracket and tapered front end are borrowed from their race-bike side. Then... [more info...]

Ogre surly, ogre, fat, mountain, fat, mtn, bike, bicycle
Item #: 4389
Price: $1,559.95

By: Surly
Meet Ogre, Troll�۪s bigger-wheel brother. Troll and Ogre offer the same ability to accommodate a wide array of drivetrains, brakes, and cargo-hauling accessories. The main difference is that Ogre runs on 29" wheels, the Troll on 26". Built of 4130... [more info...]

Disc Long Haul Trucker Surly, long, haul, disc, trucker, touring, bike, bicycle
Item #: 3693
Price: $1,549.95

By: Surly
The best touring bike there is right now...in our very humble but highly qualified opinion :) The industry's current gold standard for touring bikes is now available in either a cantilever or disc brake version! The Surly Long Haul Trucker outshines everything else in its category. As Surly blatantly puts it, "If you want to carry a... [more info...]

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Products 1-10 of 53
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