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CatEye Orbit Spoke Light
CatEye Orbit Spoke Light Price: $12.95
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Item #: 4486 -

The Orbit spoke light by CatEye is an eye-catching amber light (constant or flashing modes) that mounts to wheel spokes without tools and provides light in nearly all directions, particularly the side. Oblivious motorist deterrent!Weight: 31gDimensions: 120 x 36 x 29mm

CatEye Omni 5 Taillight
Omni 5 Taillight Price: $14.95
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Item #: 4485 -

CatEye's Omni 5 taillight delivers omni directional warning via five bright LEDs with three modes: rapid, flashing and constant. Runs on two AAA batteries (included). Clothing clip included. Good economical taillight.Weight: 42gDimensions: 36 x 75 x 21.9mm

Oculus Phaser Line Taillight
Phaser Line Taillight Price: $29.95
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Item #: 4574 -

Freakin' laser beams! The Oculus Phaser Line taillight not only acts as a rear flasher, but also emits two parallel laser lines along the side of your bike to encourage motorists to give you your space. It's like having your own moving bike lane.

CatEye Rapid 3 Taillight
Rapid 3 Taillight Price: $24.95
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Item #: 4484 -

The Rapid 3 rear safety light by CatEye provides a high-intensity center LED and 2 outer LED with three modes: rapid, flasher and constant. Includes AA batteries and SP-11 FlexTight bracket. Also compatible with the CatEye RM-1 Saddle Rail bracket.Weight: 61gDimensions: 66 x 23 x 43mm

Osaka Mini Rin Rin Bells
Rin Rin Mini Bell Price: $11.95
Availability: Available
Item #: 3900 -

These are quality bells in a compact form that sound great! Available in black, red, white, blue and brass. The brass bell has a slightly higher pitch than the painted bells--listen to the demo videos to hear the difference.

Suzue Painted Bell Autumn
Suzue Hand Painted Bell Price: $24.95
Availability: Available
Item #: 4953 -

Beautiful Japanese, Hand Painted, Crane lever strike bell. These are new and quite lovely.

Uno + Rapid 3 Light Set
Uno + Rapid 3 Light Set Price: $44.95
Availability: Available
Item #: 4487 -

Get a great light set to cover you all the way around. The Uno and Rapid 3 light set by CatEye provides more than 400 candle power to the front through one white LED with both steady and flashing modes, and protection to the rear through a high-powered center LED and two auxiliary LEDs on each side with rapid, flashing and constant modes. Batteries and mounts included.

2-Pack Wheel Locking Skewers
2-Pack Wheel Locking Skewers Price: $59.95
Availability: Available
Item #: 1057 -

Now you can ride that nice wheelset and not worry about leaving it locked up outside for a few minutes! The included key is a little more cumbersome to use than a standard 5mm hex wrench or quick release, but much safer! All parts in each Pinhead lock set are keyed alike, and use one of their multiple key configurations for added security. Made from cold forged steel with a lifetime key replacement (don't forget to register!) and lifetime manufacturer's warranty. Bonus! The key comes with a...

215 Rear Rack
215 Rear Rack Price: $64.95
Availability: Available
Item #: 1036 -

Wald bicycle racks offer a simple rear rack design for easy use. Lightweight yet sturdy construction with simple mounting points located at eyelets near the rear axle and the brake mount

3 Wrencho Tire Lever
3 Wrencho Tire Lever Price: $19.95
Availability: Available
Item #: 1058 -

3wrencho (raw) from PDW is slim enough to go unnoticed in your pocket, but tough enough to get stubborn axle nuts loose and stubborn tires off rims. It is a very handy flat fixing tool and a smart grab every time you jump on your bike.Added bonus: if you are clever enough to get a bottle cap off with a Bic lighter, this thing is a bottle opener too.

4D Lite Plus Taillight
4D Lite Plus Taillight Price: $34.95
Availability: Special Order
Item #: 1065 -

The Busch and Buller 4D lite plus is a fender mount dynamo powered taillight. It has as metal bar to protect the plastic lens when life happens. Built in reflector, and "standlight" equipped so it will stay on for up to 4 minutes when the bike is stopped.

5.0 Prot?g? Wired Computer
5.0 Prot?g? Wired Computer Price: $29.95
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Item #: 1066 -

Current speed, ride time, trip distance, odometer, and clock 4-line MacroMonitorTM LCD displays up to 4 pieces of data at a glance Fits 25.0-31.8mm handlebars Magnet fits up to 4mm bladed spokes Includes 82 cm wire mounting kit for front wheel Case size: 40mm x 47mm Height (w/ bracket): 27 mm Weight: 57 grams with bracket and sensor Lifetime Warranty